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Customize / API

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This is a simple workflow of "AUTOZ - Send" send mail.

Icon Dictionary

  •   set email address accept receive or not
  •   create a new record
  •   delete record(s)
  •   export data in excel file
  •   modify record
  •   create a new folder
  •   move email address to other group(s)
  •   refresh page
  •   set a record display in RSS
  •   advanced search
  •   send mail
  •   set a record enable or disable
  •   upload file
  •   set email address re-verify
  •   media manager file movement
  •   image crop
  •   copy image/file URL
  •   media manager change folder name

Browser Support

Browser support jQuery V3.x
Below are almost support browsers:
Chrome: (Current - 1) and Current
Edge: (Current - 1) and Current (not support upload file format filter)
Firefox: (Current - 1) and Current, ESR
Safari: (Current - 1) and Current
Opera: Current


Getting Started

Sender & Replier

'AUTOZ - Send' able to set newsletter 'Sender' & 'Replier'
Example From Gmail :


Email address group. Each email address able to put in multi group.


Email template, used to store email letter styles, making it easier to complete letter production in the future

Email Address

There able to collection each client/member personal information.
'AUTOZ - Send' will auto verify email address Valid or Invalid.

QRCode Value (text), 'AUTOZ - Send' will convert to image in newsletter.
Example image:

Batch Upload
You able to upload batch upload in one time.We recommend each time upload 10,000 records.
Before upload you must download excel template to add records.


Apply Template:

Newsletter Type:
Newsletter Content will auto create a HTML Page
Public : Enable Newsletter Content in HTML Page.
Privacy : Disable Newsletter Content in HTML Page.

Yes : Display Newsletter Content in RSS
No : Hidden Newsletter Content in RSS
RSS URL Link, you able to access API->RSS section to get.

Media Manager

Image / Attachment store. you able to upload to Media manager and embed them into newsletter.
There two method embed, 1: copy URL, 2: call from text editor.

Image / file move :
You able to move image/file into folder or move upper level.

Crop Image:

File Format Support:
JPGE, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Word (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), ZIP

Send Mail

You able to send mail send by 'Individual' or 'Group'

Individual : send in list selected
Group : send in group and run in background. You able to access 'Process Status' to check status.

Newsletter Selection:



Newsletter report

Each report clearly expresses the status of the letter

Report type

Subscript Report

You can query the subscription status in different time,
the result of the query, you can easily output the file in EXCEL format

RSS Report

You can query RSS feeds at any time,


Customize / API

You able to add API in a newsletter content, get more useful statistical data for your analysis.
More detail information, you able to access to your 'AUTOZ - Send' to get.


Replace newsletter content with below symbol text.
Replace/Edit the {name}, {email}, {telephone}, {career}, {gender}, {age}, {qrCode} , {remark} color text with your own.

Click Tracking

Newsletter content URL link capture click rate.
customer/target while click in newsletter any URL link to capture click rate.It can get your customer/target focus and interest content.
Repalce/Edit the {ORANGE} color text with your own.


Share to Friend

Newsletter share to friends.
There are simple way to add a link in you own text.

<a type="shareToFriend">Your Text / Your Image</a>

Subscript Box

There a key for the Subscript Form submit verification. While form submit, system will check the key below and your submit form key value

Example : $1mkVkPdK8Pv0qo5gdM6Ob9qynyUuU=

This describes in technical terms the basic functionality subsctription and its use of HTML Forms.
Use the information in this chapter as a guide to writing the HTML code your form. A wide variety of HTML authoring tools exist.



Method :


HTML variables :

Name Required Description Data Type Character length
key Yes Subscript Form submit verification Varchar 255
email Yes Applicant Email Address Varchar 255
name No Applicant Name Varchar 255
telephone No Applicant Telephone Varchar 255
career No Applicant Career Varchar 255
gender No Detail Description please access 'AUTOZ - Send' to get Varchar 255
age No Detail Description please access 'AUTOZ - Send' to get Varchar 255
remark No Free text TEXT Maximum length 65,535
group No Group ID (Detail Description please access 'AUTOZ - Send' to get) Integer 255
successURL Optional URL Integer 255

Return Message :
Success :

   "result" : {
      "status" : "success",
      "redirect_url" : "http://yourdomain/thanks.html"

Fail (reference) :

   "result" : {
      "status" : "fail",
      "code" : "code number",
      "reson" : "Reason"

Code Number & Reason, Please access to 'AUTOZ - Send' get more detail.

Share to Social

Newsletter content share to social media.
Repalce/Edit the {ORANGE} color text with differenct type of social media.
Type of Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Whatsapp (mobile only), 人人网, 微博, 微信, 百度贴吧, QQ好友, QQ空间, 腾讯微博, 豆瓣

shareType list you able to access to system to get.

< a type="shareType" >Your Text / Your Image</a>


RSS feed for your clients.
There a URL link to your newsletter or website for clients get the feed.

<a href="https://yourdomain/rss.xm">Your Text / Your Image</a>


User Management

User Account

'AUTOZ - Send' user login account management.
You able to set each user account access permission by section(s) and login name password.
You also get each account login history.

My Account

Personal account information, only can get self account information.



SMTP Setting

SMTP account set up information, if you don't know how to fill in, you may ask your email server provider.

Tracking Code Setting

This tracking code is an independent landing page for tracking the content of an e-mail.
For example: "Google analytics", "Baidu Statistics"

Process Status

This is section, able to check all process job status running in background.

There are four status: no job stopped running warining

stopped : you able to click the button process the job again.

warining : you should check server side , take a log to get the issue.

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