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We know what you need

About Us

We and you are the operators of online stores or physical stores, so we understand what you need,
We are convinced that - all operators are attentive and great

What we learned

We understand the situation of operating online stores or physical stores, and also understand the problems encountered when promoting,
So we and you as an operator want to have a message that is most convenient and can meet the effectiveness of publicity,
We understand that email is just one of the channels for online promotion. The focus is on the methods and means used to promote it to the audience.
We understand that you as an operator want to promote products and services in the lowest cost and most effective way,
Reach more audiences, and the audience actively influence others around them

What the problem we saw

The general email promotion method is to use each email to calculate
The size of the email promotion service provider is calculated in this way. The more you send, the more expensive it is,
In addition, you also know that sending emails to 100 recipients, not 100 recipients will open,
Generally, there is only a 10% to 20% open rate, which is completely wasted,
Causes many operators to waste time and spirit to filter email list transmissions,
Make the publicity width greatly reduced, and it is difficult to reach potential audiences,
And when the email extension service provider system is wrong or updated, you can't solve the problem proactively,
Because your information is in the hands of the other party, causing the entire publicity plan to rush

What we can do for you

Our team has taken another direction to rethink, what is an "email"?
Now we add another value to the email itself. Turn the traditional way of email promotion to the other direction,
So we made AUTOZ - Send,
The AUTOZ - Send task is to turn e-mail into a sustainable stretch, no longer limited to the frame,
Break the passive and limited propaganda of e-mail, spread it to the majority of the audience through AUTOZ - Send

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