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Getting Started





This is a simple work flow of "AUTOZ - Send" installation.


Getting Started

please follow below information and setting for the program run


What is a web server?
A computer that provides services
A computer that is responsible for providing web pages, mainly HTML files, is passed to the client via the HTTP protocol (generally referred to as a web browser).
For example:
 • Alibaba Cloud
 • Amazon Web Hosting
 • Google Cloud etc.....
In addition, there are many web server services companies of the same type.

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Web Server Basic Requirements :
 • Linux OS
 • Apache 2.x
 • PHP 5.x
 • MySQL 5.x

Server setup requirements :
 • Ports 25, 587 must be enable

PHP Basic Setting :
 • 'exec' function enable

SMTP Basic Requirements :
SMTP service server.


A. Extract the '' in three items. 1. 'index.php' file, 2. '' zip file, 3. '' zip file. Put them into server.
B. MySql Database information. 1. database name, 2. database host, 3. MySql username, 4. MySql Password



Please follow below steps for program installation


Language selection. There are three languages for your select.
English, 简体中文, 繁體中文

Active Key

Please complete the product activation process by filling in the activation code below.
The activation code will be combined in 25 characters.

Activation code format : XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX


Please fill out the following information to complete the installation process.

Login information
This is the system login account message, please remember your login name and login password.

Company information
The information displayed on the outside can not be modified once installed! (Base & Premium Plan will set to sender name & email address)

Please ask your server administrator when selecting.Security advice, we recommend selecting "Yes".

MySql - Login
Database login , in order to ensure the system is working properly.

SMTP - Login
Used to send email settings, can be modified after installation.


Installation success. You can login to system and enjoy your travel.


Install Service

If you still have an installation issue, we are willing to solve the installation problem for you.
Please click on "Install Service" in "Additional Service" when you purchase the product.
We will send you the "Installation Information Form" by email. After completing the email, please fill in the email. Way to reply, we will complete the installer as soon as possible

Web Hosting

If you have not applied for a web hosting service or no idea how to choose?
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