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Conversion identity

You can set up different sender and Replier email addresses and names, send and receive mails in different capacities.
It is convenient for different departments to take care of your customers and human resources more efficiently.

Bulk upload

Upload data once in quickly and easily, and seize every moment of publicity.

Email address verification

AUTOZ - Send can be verified at each email address, verifying true/false email addresses, improving transfer efficiency
Whether it is an individual email address input or bulk upload, it will be validated effectively.

Personalize QRCode

QRCode can direct your customers to the target website
Your customers can complete the scan with a simple scan.

You can also add a different QRCode to each recipient, increasing the flexibility of the promotion.

Easily create personalized messages

Professional text editing tool
Intuitive information editor
Visual Editor (WYSIWYG)
Easily build your information and design it as you like from your normal general documentation

Convert letters into landing page

No webpages can be promoted on the web!
AUTOZ - Send will automatically convert the email content into an HTML page, with QRCode, click on the link, and the promotion will be the ultimate

Social media sharing

Share/post promotional emails to major social media
Just one email, you can increase your propaganda power infinitely

RSS release

Just one link, you can post real-time information,
AUTOZ - Send automatically converts email content into RSS content, so that your customers can receive instant information at any time without missing any information.

Send in bulk, no need to wait

Send in bulk, no need to wait.
With a simple click of the button, AUTOZ - Send will run in the background and be sent in bulk.

Rich and simple and easy to read analysis results

AUTOZ - Send has a number of detailed reports and real-time analysis, plus graphical analysis reports to help users adjust the promotion strategy. The content includes:

Newsletter Statistic Report
Page Statistic Report
Click Rate
Social Media
Read Count
Forward to Friend
Subscript Report
RSS Report

The report is graphically displayed to quickly examine the customer's response to the overall promotion email. The report also shows the reason for the email failure.

Diversity tracking user information

AUTOZ - Send provides a variety of methods and interfaces to make letters better track user information

Automatically convert letter content
Click rate
Share to friends
Subscription Box (Collect Email)
Share on social media
Converted to RSS publications

SMTP Setting

Freely set up any outgoing server for more flexible deployment
Avoid relying on a single server/vendor

Media manager

Support multiple file formats without any restrictions
AUTOZ - Send provides image cropping function, no fear of no image processing software, no need to work separately.

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