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Email is no longer simple


What is EDM?

Email Direct Marketing, abbreviated as EDM, is a promotional media advertisement that promotes corporate offers and services to customers in need through emails, thereby helping companies to absorb new customers or increase company turnover. the process of.

Why use email to promote?

Usually the company doesn't understand why they want to do email promotion. In other words, they don't believe in email promotion. This is because they don't know how to use email to promote, and they don't know what email promotion can bring to them. In this case, we recommend that you consult an email promotion expert who will analyze the specific questions and what EDM can bring to you. But when you ask why you want to use email to promote, the best answer we can give you is that the results of the promotion are evaluative. Not all promotion methods can visually see the promotion effect, which is one of the biggest advantages of email promotion.

No clear plan?

At present, most of the e-mail promotion is not a comprehensive plan, and there is no clue to promote it, more like mass mailing. This situation led to the promotion of email not only failed to achieve the expected results, but also lost some potential customers. EDM without a plan without continuity will lead to a phenomenon called "cold transmission." In other words, your recipient completely forgets who you are, forgets why you emailed them, and they are no longer interested in your letters. As with other promotion methods, you need to keep your readers loyal. Remember, your first promotion email must have a complete plan. When you know the reader better, you can adjust your plan at any time. However, we recommend that you start your email promotion after you have completed the overall plan.

No email address list?

Collecting valid receiving addresses and expanding receiving lists has been plaguing companies. In fact, collecting email addresses is not difficult. As long as you are comfortable with some methods and insist on doing so, you will be effective. We strongly recommend not buying an email address and using the purchased email address for promotion. The effect will not be satisfactory.

What is a web server?

A computer that provides services

A computer that is responsible for providing web pages, mainly HTML files, is passed to the client via the HTTP protocol (generally referred to as a web browser).

A server program that provides web pages.
Each web server (the second meaning) will execute at least one web server program (the third meaning). The most popular web page (HTTP) servers on the market today are:                 

  • Apache Client for Apache Software Foundation
  • Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Google's Google Web Server
  • nginx's nginx
  • ligigad's lighttpd

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What is an outgoing server?

The outgoing server, also known as SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), is also called the "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" is a standard protocol for email transmission.
The SMTP server is a server that sends e-mail, so it is also called an outgoing mail server. The standard external server connection port is 25 (port 25).
When sending an email, the email must go through the sender's SMTP server, be verified by the SMTP email server, and then forwarded to the recipient's email server. If your service plan includes an SMTP server, our settings are:

Domain Name: mydomain.com
SMTP server: smtp.mydomain.com

If the user uses online email (webmail), there is no need to set the SMTP server, but if the user uses the email software (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.), the SMTP server data needs to be entered when setting up the email account.
* Some network service providers will block the connection port 25, prohibiting users from using other companies' outbound mail servers. If you encounter this problem, you can call the network service provider to check the settings of the outgoing mail server.

How to find this server?

Although the web server and the outbound server are two different functions of the machine, in fact, many web hosting companies have a complete set of services. And the price has a lot of choices.

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Lack of human resources?

We understand that not all companies can afford to hire a team for e-mail promotion, but there are still many small-scale companies that benefit from e-mail promotion. If you have limited manpower, choosing a good tool is more important to you. A planned EDM will still help you, for example, you decide to send a letter every month, compile the content and set the sending time, and nothing more, the mail will be sent automatically at regular intervals. Things that are planned are often easier to do.

How fast is the EDM email promotion system when sending email advertisements?

There are a lot of companies in the market that offer email promotion services that claim to send 100,000 or even millions of email ads a day, which is very appealing to the modern society of "time is money." However, as an experienced email promotion company, we do not recommend that customers send too fast. Sending a large number of emails will have a certain impact on the recipient's server. Generally, the email server will sort the sent emails into miscellaneous items, so that the emails cannot be sent to the recipient's mailbox. The sender is blacklisted and affects their normal email correspondence. Sending a large amount of mail not only does not allow the sender to pay the money that is not properly rewarded, such as poor management, it is more likely to cause losses to the sender.

Email advertisements in email marketing can guarantee incoming and outgoing mail, not being treated as spam?

The filters of many email users in the room use an anti-spam tool to scan email topics and content. According to the experience of anti-spam tools, a large amount of spam contains money symbols: ¥ or $. In order to prevent your email marketing activities from being incorrectly judged as spam by the other anti-spam tool, try not to use the money symbol in the subject and content of the email.

In addition, in the process of email promotion, a good outbound server will implement a series of functions to reduce the possibility of misclassification of emails as spam. For example, it will avoid sending a large number of emails to the same email server at the same time to avoid receiving. The human email system mistakenly believes that our system distributes a large amount of mail. We use multiple servers for sending. Most of the servers are also served by large data centers in Europe and America. The sending servers all have fixed IP addresses. The emails we send follow the industry standards, along with technologies such as SPF and DKIM, which greatly increase the chances of getting into the inbox.

Can I use EDM email ads to sell products without a website?

Of course, but we still recommend that you build a website so that consumers can order your products more confidently, and even old customers will return to buy.

What should I do if EDM email marketing has no effect?

Email marketing includes questions about target customer base, trust, age, and more. Therefore, when you start to use EDM email promotion, you must first allow your products to be accepted by the market according to your own situation before you start to make a lot of exposure.

Is EDM email marketing really effective?

EDM email marketing is certainly effective, but only if you find the right marketing method! Many EDM companies in the market claim to have a large number of fast sending speeds, but how many are they successfully sent to the inbox? How much can consumers be interested in? Email marketing is like a mall battle, the difference in email advertising effect It's really big, so finding the right email marketing company is the key! Sending an email for email promotion is a step-by-step approach.

h2>Is there an email for backing up emails?

AUTOZ-Send will automatically add a backlink link to your email ad for customers to click.

Why do you use HTML or plain text versions for email advertising?

First of all, the html format is pretty good, and email ads must be in html format to track your email ad open and click. But of course it's best to provide HTML or plain text versions for customers to choose from, because some customer mailbox settings may not be able to find images, some customers do not like the html format, and may not even open them.

Second, this has the following benefits: Low cost – Reduces graphic design and printing, ease of production, and shortens the pre-activity preparation cycle.

Multiple forms – support txt text format, html web page format, jpg image format, gif dynamic image format, and even flash animation. The form of expression is both dynamic and appealing.

Multi-content – ​​In addition to the content displayed by the letter, multiple external links can be added, and the content is large.

Fast delivery – up to 100,000 copies per day, delivered to the broadest audience in the fastest mode.

Know the effect – Know the data of arrival, opening, reading, etc., and accurately analyze consumer behavior. At the same time, the effects of different themes, senders, design versions, and pathways can be evaluated.                 

What is the use of EDM?

  • Recommended company new products - Promote the company's latest products to customers via email promotion
  • Offer or short-term promotion - Email advertising can help companies make short-term promotions
  • Building a company's brand image - Advertising through email Sends customers to create an impression of the company's brand
  • Increasing company turnover - Helping companies absorb new customers through email marketing to increase company turnover
  • Acquiring members or new customers - Enrolling new members or new customers via email promotion service

What are the advantages of EDM?

  • High efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Reports and data regularly
  • Targeted (subdividable age/industry/market)
  • One-stop shop (package production leaflet, Send Report, etc.)
  • Having a valid email database with a high chance of successful delivery

What is the "Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance"?

The "Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance" was enacted by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority on May 23, 2007 to regulate the dissemination of commercial electronic messages. The Ordinance prohibits professional spam campaigns, such as the use of improper methods to expand the reception level of commercial electronic messages, and fraudulent activities related to the transmission of multiple commercial electronic messages. In addition, the Ordinance also enforces the rules for sending commercial electronic messages, such as providing accurate sender information and canceling reception options, as well as launching a reject message register. The Ordinance came into full force on December 22, 2007.

How should e-mail promotion comply with the "Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance"?

To comply with the Code of Practice for the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, all outgoing emails must meet the following requirements: - accurate sender information: including Chinese and English name/company name, address, telephone number and contact email
- Cancel the receiving option statement, in English and Chinese version: It is a convenient and quick way to get the recipient to use the cancel receiving option and how to use it.

How to ensure that you will not be legally responsible for spamming email advertisements in email promotion?

People who send promotional emails should ensure that the list of email addresses sent each time does not include the address of the rejected email. Therefore, AUTOZ-Send will update the email list database immediately after receiving the request from the recipient to reject the email.

In email promotion, in order to achieve better results, which time period should I avoid?

Please avoid email marketing activities before and after the holidays. In the days before the holiday, people often want to stay away from their work, especially away from computers and unwilling to check their emails. When the holidays return, when they return to work, a lot of mail has been piled up during the holidays, which means they can only handle the most important mails, other email messages will be deleted, or you will not see you on busy grounds. Email promotion. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. Sending warm congratulations before the holidays will not only make the recipients feel happy, but also reduce the resistance to your future email promotion.

How to make customers not object to your email advertisements in email promotion?

Enterprises can express their concern for their customers through eCard. On the one hand, they can reduce the cost of traditional postal greeting cards. On the other hand, they can also send vivid eCards at the cheapest price. In addition, eCard can bring unexpected effects and business opportunities to the company, and the e-Coupon is available on the eCard. Sometimes sending too many promotional advertisements and long-formed materials will make customers feel resentful. Let's start with e-card. With the simple e-Coupon, let customers know that the company delivers more blessings than a lot of advertisements. Unexpected gains may be made by e-Coupon being forwarded to friends or colleagues around them.

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